Department of Electronic Engineering

Fundamental Process for Functionalizing Area
Professor (Concurrent) Yusuke MORI
Functional Materials Creation Area
Professor Yusuke MORI
Assistant Professor Masayuki IMANISHI
Nanomaterials and Nanocharacterization Area
Professor Mitsuhiro KATAYAMA
Associate Professor Osamu KUBO
Assistant Professor Hiroshi TABATA
Quantum Electronic Material and Device Area
Professor (Concurrent) Tetsuya YAGI
Functional Molecular Materials and Devices Area
Professor Masanori OZAKI
Associate Professor Akihiko FUJII
Assistant Professor Hiroyuki YOSHIDA
Quantum Optoelectronic Devices Area
Professor Ryuji KATAYAMA
Associate Professor Tomoyuki TANIGAWA
Assistant Professor Masahiro UEMUKAI
Engineering Science for Advanced Device Area
Professor Masahiko KONDOW
Associate Professor Hirotake KAJII
Assistant Professor Masato MORIFUJI
Organic Electronic Device Area
Professor (Concurrent) Masanori OZAKI
Integrated Quantum Devices Area
Professor Nobuya MORI
Associate Professor (Concurrent) Toshimasa MATSUOKA
Integrated Functional Systems Area
Professor Tetsuya HIROSE
Assistant Professor Osamu MAIDA
Biosystems and Devices Area
Professor Tetsuya YAGI
Associate Professor Yuki HAYASHIDA
Assistant Professor Naofumi SUEMATSU

[Cooperative Area]

Department of Quantum System Electronics
(The Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research)
Professor Akira OIWA
Associate Professor Shigehiko HASEGAWA
Assistant Professor Haruki KIYAMA
Assistant Professor Takafumi FUJITA
Research Division of Fundamental Technology
(Research Center for Ultra-High Voltage Electron Microscopy)
Associate Professor Ryuji NISHI
Associate Professor Jun YAMASAKI
Terahertz Photonics Area
(Institute of Laser Engineering)
Professor Masayoshi TONOUCHI
Associate Professor Hironaru MURAKAMI
Associate Professor Iwao KAWAYAMA
Ultra-Intense Photonics Area
(Institute of Laser Engineering)
Professor Junji KAWANAKA
Associate Professor (Lecturer) Shigeki TOKITA
Assistant Professor Li ZHAOYANG
Quantum Beam Generation and Control Area
(Institute of Laser Engineering)
Professor Kazuhisa YAMAMOTO
Associate Professor Akifumi YOGO
Associate Professor Kana FUJIOKA