About EEI

Our mission at the Division of Electrical, Electronic and Infocommunications Engineering is to become a global leader in cutting-edge original research in a wide range of areas such as electronics, ubiquitous networking, nanotechnology, and electric power/energy. The Division also actively participates in industry-government-academia collaboration, with the aim of channeling to industries the “knowledge” produced at the university; and thereby developing technologies of direct social utility. Furthermore, by transgressing the boundaries of traditional academic research, we aim at pioneering interdisciplinary fields and developing new areas of technology.

Our educational goal is to foster, by promoting research in these areas, researchers and engineers who can contribute, at a global level, to the future of human society. Through these educational and research activities, we seek to establish a safe and secure society, and an affluent, prosperous, sustainable, and human-friendly world.

Greeting from Director


Division of Electrical, Electronic and Infocommunications Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University was established in 2005, based on the former four departments; Department of Electrical Engineering, Department of Communication Engineering, Department of Electronic Engineering, Department of Electronic, Information and Energy Engineering. The Division is composed of 26 laboratories and 10 cooperative laboratories and the covering areas spread from materials/devices to systems in the field of electrical engineering, quantum information electronics and information communication engineering. These laboratories are producing outstanding research outcomes in the areas of energy, systems and control, information communication, and electronics. The Division also has carried out the project that is called Global Center of Excellence (GCOE) from 2007 to 2011 promoted by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) and has substantial bases for research and educational activities.

Our mission at the Division is to bring up young talented persons by promoting the highest level research with graduate students and returns results of research to the society. The Division which has huge industrial bases including electric apparatus manufacturers, car industries, electric power industries, information communication technologies always does cooperation with the industrial society thickly, and the staffs and students are working and studying hard every day in solidarity. The origin of our Division was established in 1908, therefore the Division has the tradition of more than 100 years and produces the seniors of most to lead academic societies and industries of each field at a world level as well as our country.

Innovative engineering technologies in every field become essential for finding a solution of environmental problems such as global warming, the problem for social sustained growth including energy resources, and constructing the society that is strong in natural disasters, but fields related with the Division; electrical, electronic and information communication engineering, are nucleus technologies. The Division staffs promote research and educational activities in solidarity under the motto of Osaka University “Live Locally, Grow Globally“. I wish many students will join our Division and grow up and then play an important role in society. In addition, I wish many people in society will join research and educational activities of our Division in order to open up the tomorrow’s society.

Director Tetsuya Takine