Department of Information and Communications Technology

Robust Networking Area Professor Tetsuya TAKINE
Associate Professor Yoshiaki INOUE
Photonic Networks Area Professor Akihiro MARUTA
Associate Professor Ken MISHINA
Assistant Professor Daisuke HISANO
Media Integrated Communication Area Professor Yuichi TANAKA
Associate Professor Hiroshi HIGASHI
Wireless Communication Systems Area Professor (Concurrent) Tetsuya TAKINE
Assistant Professor Takumi TAKAHASHI
Crypto and Cyber Security Area Professor Atsuko MIYAJI
Associate Professor (Lecturer) Yuntao WANG
Assistant Professor Shinya OKUMURA
Advanced Optical Communications Area Professor Kyo INOUE
Associate Professor Koji IGARASHI
Assistant Professor Masafumi HIRA
Electromagnetic Compatibility Area Professor (Concurrent) Akihiro MARUTA
[Cooperative Area]
Department of Reasoning for Intelligence
(The Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research)
Professor Takashi WASHIO
Associate Professor Satoshi HARA
Assistant Professor Matthew J. Holland
Department of Knowledge Science
(The Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research)
Professor Kazunori KOMATANI
Associate Professor Ryu TAKEDA
Assistant Professor Zhaojie LUO
Assistant Professor Kenta YAMAMOTO