3rd Global COE International Symposium
--Electronic Devices Innovation --

December 16-17, 2011
Senri Life Science Center, Osaka, Japan

Sponsored by the Global COE Program "Center for Electronic Devices Innovation"

The 3rd Global COE International Symposium “Electronic Devices Innovation” (EDIS 2011) will be held in December 16-17, 2011, in Senri Life Center, Osaka, Japan. The primary focus of EDIS 2011 is to provide an international venue to discuss the latest progress in the field of electronic devices innovation.

The following sessions are scheduled:
Session A: CMOS Technology for Future System Integration
Session B: The Impact of Wide Bandgap Power Semiconductors on Future Power Electronic Systems
Session C: Advances in Neuroengineering IV / Nano-sensing
Session D: Advanced Optical Communication and its All-optical Signal Processing
Session E: Energy Saving with Photonics

Further Information

GCOE Office
Division of Electrical, Electronic and Information Engineering,
Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University
2-1 Yamada-oka, Suita, Osaka 565-0871, Japan