Osaka University Global Center of Excellence Program Center for Electronic Devices Innovation

Osaka University GCOE Summer Seminar Program for Electronic Devices

Academic Melting-Pot 2008 (AMP2008)

July 7 - August 1, 2008

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A. Outline of the program
Osaka University Global Center of Excellence (GCOE) Program of "Center for Electronic Devices Innovation" organizes a residential, four-week summer seminar program for young researchers "AMP2008" focusing on the topic in electronic devices, which will be held on July 7 - August 1, 2008. The seminar will mainly take place at Osaka University as a research internship program. The purpose of the seminar is to provide young researchers with opportunities to learn the research topics of frontier electronic devices, progressed within the GCOE program.
B. Program contents
The program consists of a four-week international research and several activities.
International Research Experience
  • ・Internship research focusing on theoretical or experimental electronic devices at
    one of the prestigious laboratories in Osaka University.
  • ・Meeting for research reports by participants in the final week.
    The research experience will enable the participants to:
  • –Conduct hands-on research in electronic devices through collaboration in an international research effort
  • –Develop inter-cultural skills through placement in a Japanese research laboratory
  • –Establish strong research networks to facilitate further study and international collaboration in the field of electronic devices
Other Activities
The program is planning several events as follows.

Activity Plans

First week 7/7
Orientation and Welcome Party
by Prof. Seizo Morita and Prof. Dimitri Antoniadis (MIT, USA)
Half-day Trip to Industrial Company
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.
Second week 7/16-18
Seminar Tour in Fukui Prefecture
by Prof. Kenji Taniguchi, Prof. Masanori Ozaki,
and Prof. Masaaki Kuzuhara (Fukui Univ.)
Group Discussion
Visit to The Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc.
Japanese Cultural Studies
Third week 7/25
by Prof. Tetsuya Yagi and Prof. Ken-ichi Kitayama
Half-day Trip to Industrial Company
Renesas Technology Corp.
Final week 7/31
International Symposium (First Day)
Lab Tour on Campus
Institute of Laser Engineering
International Symposium (Second Day)
(including presentations of research reports by participants)
  • Eihei-ji Temple at Fukui
  • Osaka University
  • 日本地図
  • a suit of armor
C. Program expense
Attendance fee is free.
We can support the following expenses:
  • –Travel Expense
  • –Local Hospitality
  • –Allowance for Meals
  • –Accommodation near Osaka Univ.
  • –Expenses for Events during the Program

Travel expense will be reimbursed to the extent possible; typically to the order of US$ 1,000 for overseas participants. Discounted economy tickets for the air flight are strongly recommended.
Participants are responsible for any other private expenses during the stay in Japan, such as independent sightseeing, travel, gifts, and so on.

D. Application procedure for the program
For the seminar program of "AMP2008", we welcome applications of young researchers, such as, graduate students, post doctoral fellows and early career faculty. Participants are expected to be actively researching electronic devices.
Documents for the application:
  • (i) Application Form
    Please download the file of Application Form, and fill it out.
  • (ii) Recommendation Letter
    Required if you are graduate students or post doctoral fellows.

Please submit the Excel (XLS) file of Application Form and the PDF file of Recommendation Letter to the GCOE office ( as e-mail attachments. Please include "AMP2008" in the subject line of your e-mail, and include your last name in each document file name (e.g. smith_application.xls, recommendation(smith).pdf). The deadline for the application is February 15, 2008. All applications will be acknowledged by e-mail.

Applications will be reviewed by the committee in Osaka University GCOE program and selected within the matching for research projects. Applicants will be notified of their acceptance by the beginning of March.
E. Research projects and their project leaders
Please select one of the research projects in the Application Form.
To learn more about the research projects: see the website of each research project and its leader, or find the research group website in Osaka University.
  Research Project Project Leader
Flexible and printable organic optical devices Dr. Hirotake Kajii
(Prof. Yutaka Ohmori)
(b) Advanced wide bandgap semiconductor Dr. Chiharu Kimura
(Prof. Takashi Sugino)
(c) Advanced bio-imaging system Prof. Makoto Osanai
(Prof. Tetsuya Yagi)
(d) Concept invention for
next generation power semiconductor devices
Prof. Yushi Miura
(Prof. Toshifumi Ise and
Dr. Hideo Iwamoto)
(e) Smart integrated sensing system Prof. Shin-ichi Honda
(Prof. Kenji Taniguchi and
Prof. Mitsuhiro Katayama)
(f) Simulation technology for electronic devices innovation Prof. Nobuya Mori
(Prof. Masaaki Kuzuhara)
(g) Transmitter device using photonic-crystal semiconductor laser
for next-generation optical communications
Dr. Hideki Momose
(Prof. Masahiko Kondow)
(h) Terahertz sensing and imaging systems Dr. Iwao Kawayama
(Prof. Masayoshi Tonouchi)
(i) Advanced photonic devices for
new-generation communication networks
Prof. Masatoshi Fujimura
(Prof. Toshiaki Suhara)
(j) Plasma photonic device generating high luminescent
electromagnetic radiation toward
diagnostics of electronic device material
Dr. Yuichi Inubushi
(Prof. Ryosuke Kodama)
(k) Exploration of new materials toward
innovative electronic devices
Dr. Norimasa Ozaki
(Prof. Ryosuke Kodama)
(l) High quality HTS-SQUID by improvement of
GB junction properties
Dr. Tetsuro Maki
(Prof. Hideo Itozaki)
(m) Advanced high-performance organic photovoltaic device Prof. Akihiko Fujii
(Prof. Masanori Ozaki)
F. Contact
To obtain further information, please contact the GCOE office.

GCOE Leader: Prof. Kenji Taniguchi

Osaka University GCOE Office of "Center for Electronic Devices Innovation"
Division of Electrical, Electronic and Information Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University,
2-1 Yamada-oka, Suita, Osaka 565-0871, JAPAN