CONCEPT of the project

Recent progress of high power laser technologies enables us to access high energy density conditions, which have been never realized before. This high energy density condition is defined as an extreme condition having an enormously greater amount of energy density than the conventional physics studies (e.g. solid state physics, material sciences, and hydrodynamics) have dealt with.

Under the project “International Collaboration for High Energy Density Science (ICHEDS)” supported by Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (“JSPS”) Core-to-Core Program, we will strategically pioneer the high energy density sciences as new domains of interdisciplinary research. The expeditions are made by applying focused and cross-sectional approaches to the following five categories:

a) Relativistic Plasma Physics,
b) High Pressure Condensed Matter,
c) Warm Dense Matter,
d) Laboratory Astro Physics,
e) Plasma Photonics.

The ICHEDS should play a role of one of “the global core centers” in the area of high energy density science, powered by virtual center capabilities to exchange related information and form a network of the next-generation researchers in order to enable joint use of high-power laser facilities all over the world.

CONCEPT of the project

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